ɫ offers an experience that will shape your character, ignite your passions, and empower you to make a meaningful impact. Your time here is more than acquiring knowledge. It is about defining yourself, cultivating compassion for others, embracing your role in a community, and discovering you are ready for what comes next. Learn why our students love ɫ University. And why you will too.

  • A Vibrant Community

    Our tight-knit community fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance, making it the perfect place for you to thrive.

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  • Academic Excellence

    Whether you're delving into the humanities, sciences, business, or the arts, our faculty are committed to guiding you on your academic journey and equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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  • Washington, D.C. Opportunities

    Anchored in the heart of the capital city of Washington, D.C., ɫ offers an extraordinary location that is brimming with endless opportunities for you to explore. 

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  • Focus on Faith Life

    The campus is alive with opportunities to nourish your faith, whether it's through vibrant liturgical celebrations, engaging retreats, thought-provoking discussions, or service projects that embody the values of compassion and social justice.

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  • Ample Opportunities

    From cutting-edge research projects to student organizations and internships, let your dreams take flight as you embark on a journey of personal growth, academic excellence, and purpose-driven success.

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Why I Chose My School

Each school within our university offers a unique blend of academic excellence and exciting opportunities that cater to your specific interests and career aspirations. Choosing a school at ɫ University means embarking on a transformative journey where you'll be embraced by a supportive community and empowered to pursue your dreams.

Your Story Begins Here

On this campus. In these classrooms. This story is as much yours as it is ours, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it. The story you create here may be the most important one you ever write.